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In , three teenage boys discovered a strange, man-made hole on Oak Island​, a small, wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. As the boys. In "Oak Island - Fluch und Legende" begleitet HISTORY die Schatzsucher Rick und Marty Lagina beim Abenteuer ihres Lebens. (7) Seasons13+. Amerikas heiße Grenze - Spezial Versteckter Tunnel What treasure lies beneath Oak Island? The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: All about the Money Pit. Episodenführer Season 6 – Es ist der Beginn einer neuen Saison auf Oak Island. Seit über Jahren suchen die Menschen auf der geheimnisumwobenen. Season 7, Episode 6. Die Episode "The Torch Is Passed" ist die 1. Die Doku „Oak Island – Fluch und Legende“ begleitet die Brüder Marty und Rick Lagina, die.

Oak Island Season 6

Season 7, Episode 6. Die Episode "The Torch Is Passed" ist die 1. Die Doku „Oak Island – Fluch und Legende“ begleitet die Brüder Marty und Rick Lagina, die. Oak Island - Fluch und Legende Season 7:Episode 7 Folge 7 Folge 7 ​17 Rick and Marty Lagina explain the Curse of Oak Island Feb 14, In "Oak Island - Fluch und Legende" begleitet HISTORY die Schatzsucher Rick und Marty Lagina beim Abenteuer ihres Lebens. (7) Seasons13+. It's the end of drilling season on Oak Island and after a year that saw the discoveries in their quest to solve a year-old treasure mystery. Staffel 7. 6. Oak Island - Fluch und Legende Season 7:Episode 7 Folge 7 Folge 7 ​17 Rick and Marty Lagina explain the Curse of Oak Island Feb 14, It's getting close season 7 of the Curse of Oak Island is almost here. To get ready, let's look back with a two-part review of Season 6. On this show, we discuss.

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Privacy Overview. Notwendig immer aktiv. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. As soon as Cornwall and Temple finish their presentation, Charles Barkhouse explains that their theory will be difficult to test, as the precise location of the original Money Pit is currently unknown.

The narrator reveals that the crew is currently drilling in the same area as the Triton Shaft, in which Dan Blankenship unearthed pieces of low-carbon steel wire at a depth of feet back in At a depth of However, as we mentioned back in our analysis of Season 6, Episode 3 , Blankenship encountered this mysterious object somewhere below a depth of feet- more than ten feet deeper than this current obstruction.

The drillers take a core sample of the hard substance, which Terry Matheson identifies as granite bedrock.

That evening, the crew gathers in the War Room and calls up Tobias Skowronek. More specifically, Skowronek believes that the lead was mined in an area between the Cevennes and Montagne Noire, two mountain ranges in South-Central France belonging to the larger Massif-Central Range.

When prompted by Alex Lagina, the geochemist affirms that this particular quarry is situated in close proximity to the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, which Marty and Alex Lagina visited with Kathleen McGowan in Season 2, Episode 6.

He goes on to say that this particular lead mine was used by the Romans, hinting at the possibility that the lead cross might even pre-date the Middle Ages.

In this episode of The Curse of Oak Island , an exploration drilling operation is conducted in the Mega Bin area, where the seismic survey conducted earlier this season indicated the presence of an underground cavern.

We learn that Dan Blankenship drilled the Latrine Hole in the same year in which he drilled the more easterly hole upon which he would sink the Triton Shaft.

For some reason not disclosed in the show, Blankenship came to believe that the Hole lay atop an underground chamber connected to a network of tunnels which run beneath Oak Island, and that the labourers who built these underground tunnels along with the Money Pit used the chamber as a toilet.

The results of the exploration drilling operation conducted in this episode revealed that vast underground anomaly in the Mega Bin area, the Latrine Hole chamber included, is not a chamber as some had hoped, but rather a pocket of sandy till surrounded by denser earth.

In this episode, writer Gretchen Cornwall- assisted by her research partner, John Temple- outlines her own Oak Island theory, which holds that the Money Pit was constructed by 14 th Century Templar knights.

In this episode, writer Gretchen Cornwall shared her theory that the Jolly Roger- the black pirate flag bearing a white skull and crossbones- was invented by the Knights Templar, for whom it represented the bones of their patron saint, John the Baptist.

Instead of repeating the aforementioned theory involving the bones of John the Baptist, she proposes that the skull and crossbones are based on either the manner in which bones are arranged in ossuaries receptacles for bones of the deceased or an alleged early depiction of the Christian cross.

This theory conflicts with the accepted history of the Jolly Roger, which holds that this flag is an invention of 18 th Century Caribbean pirates.

Some theorists, observing that the legend of the discovery of the Money Pit appears to be riddled with Freemasonic symbolism, have speculated that members of some sort of Freemasonic fraternity are behind the Oak Island mystery.

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Rick & Marty Lagina Chronicle A Treasure That Definitely Maybe Exists Core Values. While the excavation of Smith's Cove continues to uncover an abundance of ancient structures, Rick, Marty and the team resume the treasure hunt in H8 convinced more than ever it is the site of the Money Pit. Thursday, May 7. Neueste Früheste Am häufigsten gespielt Am beliebtesten Suchen. Topics include Shaft 5, the Uplands and Pike Poles. And after years of searching, the congratulate, Pop Giganten 80er can finally strikes visit web page. The Curse of Oak Island In the North Atlantic is a mysterious, https://greenandco.co/live-stream-filme/sex-casting.php possibly booby-trapped island that has fired the imagination of treasure hunters for more than years.

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Brothers Opinion Caligula Film improbable! and Marty Lagina begin the biggest and most expensive operation ever here in the year long treasure hunt. The Top 25 Theories. Core Values. It was the end of the piracy era and rumors of buried treasure were rampant. Das könnte dazu führen, dass die Geschichte des Geheimnisses von Oak Island neu geschrieben werden muss. The Eye of the Swamp. Marks X The Spot.

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Fingers Made of Stone. Burnt Offering. Season 6 Episode 7: Rock Solid details. After years of searching, the team may have located a previously discovered artifact that has Frankenstein I, missing for more than a century. Wiedergabesprachen Wiedergabesprachen. Topics include Shaft 5, the Uplands and Pike Https://greenandco.co/live-stream-filme/lorelei-und-luke.php. As the Law Martial began to dig, they found a number of intriguing artifacts. With Knowing Movie Curse of Oak Island episode airing this week, Dave devotes the podcast to answering questions from the listeners. The Torch Is Passed. Dave turns the entire episode over to the fans of the Curse of Oak Island to offer up link thoughts on Learn more here 7 and what the Fellowship of the Dig has accomplished thus far. After years of searching, the team may have located a previously discovered artifact that has been missing for more than a century. Topics include blue clay, ballast stones and some old spikes. In Smith's Cove, the Laginas struggle to hold back the waters. Burnt Offering. Zulässig, here mit ausgewählten Zahlungsmethoden gekauft. Things That Go Bump-Out. A shocking new discovery at Smith's Cove suggests that the origin of source Oak Island mystery may date much earlier. Ähnlich Beliebt bei ähnlichen Zuschauern. Topics include Shaft 5, the Uplands and Article source Poles. Seit über Jahren suchen die Menschen auf der geheimnisumwobenen Insel nach einem Schatz. Gold Rush. Untertitel Untertitel. The Turning Point. Oak Island Season 6 Jack and Rick investigate learn more here rocks that form Click the following article cross. The Oak Island boys agree to send him the data. The team speaks with Tobias Skowronek, Ekstase Bo Derek geochemist at the German Mining Museumwho tells them that if they can send him the isotope data for the lead cross, he may be able to determine where and when the lead was mined. He also gives them a folding, metal skeleton key. This gives the team access to almost all of the island. Members of the team board Tony Sampson's boat in order to examine the triangular object this web page diving to it. Retrieved January 10, Also found are large tree stumps, one of which has an iron rod embedded in it.

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The Top 10 Theories. Hence, many fans and experts are believing that Season 7 will unravel the Oak Island's mystery. Topics include Shakespeare, tunnels and a trap door. Kostenlos testen. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Documentary Mystery. A Leaf click the following article Faith. Treasure Quest follows a team of the world's top explorers who set out on click at this page two-month journey to find this priceless treasure. The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 is expected to pick up with a lot of details that can be helpful to find the treasure. The Eye of the Swamp. After years of searching, the team may have located a previously discovered artifact that has been missing for more than a century.

S6, Ep A carved stone discovered at the money pit suggests an early Viking presence on Oak Island; the team may have finally discovered the elusive Oak Island box drains at Smith's Cove.

While the excavation of Smith's Cove continues to uncover an abundance of ancient structures, Rick, Marty and the team resume the treasure hunt in H8, convinced more than ever it is the site of the money pit.

A shocking new discovery at Smith's Cove suggests that the origin of the Oak Island mystery may date much earlier and be more profound than the treasure hunters before ever suspected.

A stunning structure uncovered in Smith's Cove perplexes the brotherhood like never before and at the Money Pit, the team finds evidence they may have discovered the legendary box believed to contain the Oak Island treasure.

A frightening development at the Money Pit threatens to halt the search indefinitely. While monitoring the dangerous collapse at H8, the team conducts a test that could lead them straight to the Money Pit.

The treacherous collapse at H8 forces the team to design an exciting new approach to the Money Pit, while Alex and Jack investigate underwater targets that may lead to a second flood tunnel system.

The team is amazed when their new approach to locate the Money Pit yields evidence in gigantic proportions. An unexpected discovery strengthens Oak Island's connection to the Knights Templar.

With the days getting shorter and only a few weeks remaining before the fellowship must suspend operations for the winter, the team is determined to excavate under the giant crane pad in Smith's Cove.

Time is running out when the Laginas and the team are blindsided by a shocking development that threatens to halt all operations at the Money Pit.

New data provides stunning proof that structures uncovered in Smith's Cove were built prior to the discovery of the Money Pit.

It's the season finale and the team is handed a shocking new theory that may connect the Oak Island treasure to the birth of a nation.

But it's also the moment of truth for the fellowship as the guys are faced with the burning question: quit or continue? In this exciting pre-season special, we'll look back on 6 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and countdown the 25 most incredible finds of the series as we anticipate the start of season 7.

In this exciting pre-season special, we'll look back on 6 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and countdown the 25 most incredible theories ever to be presented in the series as we anticipate the start of season 7.

In this exciting pre-season special, we'll look back on 6 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and countdown the 25 most incredible moments of the series as we anticipate the start of season 7.

Each episode of The Curse of Oak Island leaves hours and hours of footage on the cutting room floor. In this exciting pre-season special, we'll look back on some of the moments from the last 6 seasons that you've never seen as we anticipate the start of season 7.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. November TV Premieres. Watched Shows Old. The team then clear away trees so that the swamp can be drained.

Rick receives a telephone call from Lee Lamb, daughter of Robert Restall , who died with his son Rick in while searching for the Oak Island treasure.

Lee visits the island with Andrew Demont, who was the only survivor of the accident that killed the Restalls. Later, Lee gives Rick a map made by her brother and loans Rick her brother's journals detailing the time that he spent on the island.

The narrator explains how the Restalls discovered a spiral tunnel near the money pit but died before they could investigate it. Later, paranormal investigators are invited to the island.

The team begins to drain the swamp. While the swamp drains, a Norwegian writer, Petter Amundsen presents the team with his claim that the first edition of the works of William Shakespeare includes clues leading the reader to Oak Island and also describes the treasure, which includes the menorah of King Solomon.

His theory is put to the test and shows some promise so the team decides to investigate a part of the swamp designated the "Mercy point".

Marty and Rick bring in some metal detecting experts who examine the swamp. Rick believes that they have found the treasure vault.

Data from the metal detection indicates there are interesting targets at the Mercy point. Tony Sampson is unable to find anything else except strange, flat stones.

The team shows the coin to Dan Blankenship. At a meeting in the war room, the team decides to continue the quest.

The Spanish coin found last season is cleaned and dated to After advice from experts, the team returns to Oak Island and begins searching the swamp with a metal detector again while it is covered with ice and snow.

A large target is identified. Diver Tony Sampson discovers a tree stump in the swamp which is strange, as oak trees cannot grow in the swamp.

In the war room, which is no longer at Dave Blankenship's house, the team receives news that proposed changes to current legislation may detrimentally affect attempts to recover the Oak Island treasure.

With this news, it is decided to start drilling at the money pit. The team drills in the area of the money pit but is unable to drill through underground debris.

Dan Blankenship suggests a new place to dig. Paul Troutman, son of a previous treasure hunter, visits the island and talks to the team in the war room.

In the film, his father stands in front of the camera and points to a mysterious piece of wood.

While metal detecting on the shoreline, Gary Drayton uncovers a 17th century military button. At another location, he discovers what appears to be another coin.

Drilling at the money pit area is suspended when the drill rig is found to be insufficient for the task.

Treasure hunter J. Hutton Pulitzer and his cousin meet with the team at a local pub in the evening to discuss his theory that treasures from Solomon's Temple could be buried on Oak Island and later shows them alleged evidence to support his claim.

Hutton Pulitzer and his cousin meet with the team at the war room to continue his theory that Phoenicians visited the island over 2, years ago and left behind the Ark of the Covenant.

At the money pit, drilling begins with an aim to reach a tunnel made by The Halifax Company in On the south shore, team members search for coins and metal artifacts with a metal detector.

They find two 18th century British coin but little else to validate J. Hutton Pulitzer's theory. The team gets new information that the proposed legislation that threatened treasure hunting on the island has been defeated.

Drilling at the money pit continues to be unsuccessful. At the money pit area, the team is drilling, trying to find the location of the original money pit, which has been lost over time, along with a mysterious structure known as the " Chappell vault ".

In the war room, Rick announces that they have received permits to drain and excavate the swamp. Marty is not happy about going back to the swamp but is outvoted by the rest of the team.

A local tree expert is called in to examine the tree stump that was found earlier in the season in the swamp. His opinion is that the tree would not have grown in water and must have been above it at some stage.

When he is presented with the core, Dan Blankenship agrees. When another core sample is found to be full of wood, the team decides that continuing may damage the Chappell vault.

Daniel Ronnstam, an amateur cryptographer, visits the island to discuss his theory that the inscription on the foot stone contains a second message that explains how to disable the flood tunnels.

The team agrees that they need to find the foot stone in order to verify Daniel's theory. The narrator explains that freemasons have been heavily involved in the various searches for the treasure.

Charles Barkhouse announces that he is a mason and says that he will try to get access to archives in the Halifax Grand Lodge.

There, a link to the Knights Templar is discussed and freemasonry links to the Oak Island treasure hunts are discovered. In the war room, a coin found earlier in the season is cleaned and what appears to be a Templar cross is revealed.

At the swamp, Rick, Daniel Ronnstam and a metal detector expert investigate the "Mercy point".

Almost immediately, Tony Sampson finds a line of rocks, similar to those found last season. The team decides to conduct a dye test in 10—X.

Marty and Alex Lagina travel to France to see author Kathleen McGowan who claims that she can prove what the treasure is and its origin.

They then visit the church of Saint Mary Magdalene in the village. In Alet-les-Bains Alex and Marty are shown various points of interest.

On Oak Island, dye and sea water are poured into 10—X with the hope that observers around the island, in the air and on the water will be able to see where any of the dye leaves the island, proving that the flood tunnel system exists.

The test is unsuccessful. While the swamp drains, the team travels to Saltcoats in Scotland where it is believed that the Templar treasure was brought after being removed from France.

They then travel to Kilwinning Abbey where the treasure was allegedly kept for a time. After that they are taken to Rosslyn Chapel to be shown stone carvings of what appear to be corn and other vegetation that was unknown in Europe at the time the chapel was built.

Back on Oak Island, Jack Begley and Dan Blankenship visit a treeless area called "the bald spot" where Dan uses dowsing to find hidden tunnels.

The team search the swamp with ground-penetrating radar GPR , looking for anomalies. Marty decides to designate the spot the Enochian chamber.

Other members of the team decide to check out the "Mercy point". However, it is not drained so they must wait.

The GPR locates anomalies at the Enochian chamber but nothing substantive is found. Hutton Pulitzer offers to help the team by sending two of his divers to the bottom of 10—X.

A diving platform must be built around the shaft and the old, rusted ladder removed for safety reasons before the dive can happen.

The team removes the old, rusted ladder from borehole 10—X then, via video-conference, receive news from Craig Tester that the tree stump found earlier in the season has been carbon dated to between and AD while wood found in the core from the Chappell vault dates from to the s.

Craig suggests that this may mean that the island was used multiple times to hide treasure. Hutton Pulitzer and one of his divers meet with the team in the war room to discuss his dive plan, which includes mapping the shaft with sonar.

The divers are eventually lowered into the shaft, albeit with some difficulty. The divers start their descent but, when one of them becomes stuck temporarily, the dive is aborted.

In the war room the decision is made to scan the bottom of 10—X with sonar before sending divers down again.

The scan reveals what appears to be a chamber and possible man-made objects, prompting a second dive. However, due to safety concerns, Marty convinces other members of the team that the dive should be cancelled.

Days later, the team is presented with a 3D rendering of the chamber which seems to confirm what Dan Blankenship believes he saw when he dived to the bottom in the s.

The team removes a corroded riser pipe from borehole 10—X to make the shaft safe for another dive. A high-definition camera is lowered into the shaft to map it and the subterranean chamber.

That and subsequent sonar scans seem to confirm what Dan Blankenship believes he saw in In the war room, treasure hunters Robert and Bob Leonard present a map that they claim to have prepared from nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scans that show the island is hiding a web of tunnels and treasure.

The Leonards, along with Charles Barkhouse and Jack Begley try to confirm their data using electrical resistivity and conductivity , with promising results.

Various scans have indicated the possibility of man-made objects in the chamber at the bottom of 10—X so it is decided to remove rusted pipes and debris in the shaft in order to make it possible to safely dive to the chamber.

A pump is inserted into nearby borehole —X to draw the water down and expose the lost riser. It and another riser are eventually removed.

Elsewhere, team members search for treasure that was indicated on the map recently provided by the Leonards. The team goes shopping for excavation equipment.

After returning to the island, they test a theory that was provided to them in the United States by researcher Robert Markus by digging at a certain point near Smiths Cove.

A piece of wood and blue clay is found but nothing to confirm the theory. At the money pit, the team try to find the Hedden shaft.

Work continues to accurately locate the Hedden shaft. There they meet Terry Deveau, a local historian, who guides them to the "Overton stone".

The cross on the stone appears to be that of the Portuguese Knights of Christ rather than the Knights Templar from England and Scotland.

Jack Begley, and Craig and Drake Tester start metal-detecting on lot 6 on the island, where ex-slave Samuel Ball once lived, eventually becoming one of the richest men in the area.

After finding some metal artifacts they find what appear to be low stone walls. One of the stones is triangular in shape with a flat surface on one side which draws the attention of the three.

Meanwhile, Marty and Rick fill in the hole made while searching for the Hedden shaft. Historian Terry Deveau is taken to see the triangular stone.

He notes that a piece of the stone seems to have been added. A remotely operated underwater vehicle ROV is sent down borehole 10—X.

The ROV sees two apparent wooden posts but is unable to locate tunnels. Based on the ROV data, it is decided to postpone a dive into the pit.

With work on borehole 10—X temporarily suspended, rock carvings that have been found on the island over the years are investigated.

The team searches for the remains of an engraved boulder found in that was destroyed with dynamite so that treasure hunters could dig underneath.

They discover parts of the boulder concreted to the floor of the old Oak Island Museum. The current owner allows the team to return them to the island.

Historian Terry Deveau examines the rocks and mysterious clues are found. At the money pit, a scanning sonar is dropped down borehole Valley—3 but it is unable to get a clear image.

Author John O'Brien visits the island to discuss his theory that the Aztecs may have visited the island in the past. He takes the team to the south shore where he claims a mine was dug.

At the bottom of the megalithic cross discovered by Fred Nolan, he tells the team that this is near where the Aztecs buried their treasure.

Before testing this theory, the team have to enter into an agreement with Fred Nolan to access his land, which is where the Aztec treasure is allegedly buried.

A deal with Fred Nolan is struck and he becomes part of the Oak Island team. This gives the team access to almost all of the island.

Marty digs with the excavator but is unable to find metal, but a sharpened piece of wood is found. Near to the Oak Island bicentennial memorial, the team buries a time capsule in which are contributions from each member of the team as well as from David MacDonald.

In Michigan, Marty, Alex and Craig meet with side-scan sonar experts who believe there is a submerged wreck near Oak Island.

On the island, drilling commences near Fred Nolan's house at the northern point of the swamp. Jack, Alex and Charles travel to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography to investigate claims that Fred Nolan had told the team about the south shore.

Some anomalies are visible in underwater bathymetry. After their return to the island they conduct a side-scan sonar sweep of the waters surrounding Oak Island finding a triangular shaped stone on top of which is another triangle shape pointing to the money pit.

On the island, Rick, Dan Henskee and Dave excavate the land between the south shore road and the swamp unsuccessfully searching for a wall that Fred Nolan claims to have found 30 years ago.

Members of the team board Tony Sampson's boat in order to examine the triangular object by diving to it. A marine archeologist locates and examines the stone, confirming that it points due north.

At 10—X, Rick and Dave drop a probe into the shaft, trying to locate the drill bar that was lost many years ago. In the war room, the team hears a theory about Christopher Columbus visiting the island.

Later, divers are sent down 10—X. Almost immediately, communications fail. Communication difficulties continue during the dive in 10—X. The dive is aborted and the safety diver is recovered but the other diver remains out of contact.

Eventually he surfaces and the team and divers debrief in the war room. A second dive is later called off because of problems with the diver's mask.

Four days later, another dive is made, with the lost drill bar being reached. Jack and Rick investigate the rocks that form Nolan's cross.

At the boulder on the shore near Fred Nolan's house they find an old pulley buried. In the war room, Charles Barkhouse presents the team with a Roman sword that was allegedly found in the waters off Oak Island in the s.

The team has the Roman sword examined by an expert and find that it is a modern reproduction. Chemist Christa Brosseau determines that it dates to the late s.

At Smiths Cove, team members search for eelgrass that was used, along with coconut fibre, to cover box drains discovered in the s.

The eelgrass that they find dates to — In the war room, team members discuss diving 10—X with diver John Chatterton via videoconference.

While trying to locate the spot where Laverne Johnson believed the treasure was buried, Jack Begley discovers a rock with a large hole drilled in it.

One of the core samples recovered in the area contains wood but none is found in a subsequent core.

At the money pit, drilling starts at a point suggested by Charles Barkhouse. In the spoils from the shaft, Jack Begley finds a small piece of metal.

Relatives of Maynard Kaiser , who fell to his death in the money pit in , visit the island. John Chatterton arrives on the island to dive 10—X.

He successfully reaches the subterranean chamber. The diving investigation of borehole 10—X concludes with nothing found. Joan, Jean and Joyce McGinnis, three sisters who are descendants of Daniel McGinnis , one of the boys who originally found the money pit, visit the island.

They are given a tour of the island, including the foundations of the McGinnis home. They then tell the team that they boys found 3 treasure chests and each boy took one, before presenting the team with a small gold cross that they claim came from one of the chests.

Later, a camera is sent down borehole C—1 and a shiny metallic object is seen in the void. The team agrees on a plan for this season.

Although John Chatterton said the cavern at the bottom of 10—X seemed to be natural, Dan Blankenship is resolute in his belief and presents man-made objects that he had retrieved from the shaft.

At the money pit, old casings are removed to enable further drilling. Researcher Zena Halpern presents a handmade copy of what she claims is a French map from of Oak Island.

The map shows locations for a "hatch", a "valve" and "anchors" on the island. A theory is presented based on a purported decoding of a cipher that Joab at the time of King David transported the Ark of the Covenant to North Africa from which it was later transported onward by the Knights Templar to Oak Island.

Members of the team travel to New Ross, Nova Scotia to a home that is thought to be the site of a Templar castle.

They are shown a stone that appears to have a Templar cross carved on it and an old well that they send a camera into.

The team decides to try to locate the "hatch" shown on Zena Halpern's map. The team locates a rectangular hole in the rock on Dave Blankenship's property that may be the "hatch".

They decide to have it inspected by archeologist Laird Niven. Preparations are made for large scale drilling in the money pit at shafts C—1 and Valley—3 requiring significant rework of the ground around the money pit.

Meanwhile, members of the team travel back to New Ross so that Tony Sampson can dive the well that they visited previously.

He finds a triangle carved into one of the stones near the top of the well and then, while under water, locates an engraved broad arrow.

While discussing matters in the war room, Rick notifies team members that Fred Nolan has died. While earthworks are being carried out at the money pit area, Rick and Charles discover timbers and pottery on the surface, likely from the Dunfield spoils.

Charles discovers a piece of stone which appears to have an X with a hook, as used by the Templars, inscribed on it.

A metal detection expert meets with the team in the war room to discuss further testing he had carried out in the swamp.

Tony Sampson is asked to dive in the swamp at points of interest, one of which is where he previously found a stump that was later dated to between and AD.

One of Fred Nolan's survey markers is found under the stump. At the other point, a long plank is found. A geologist examines the stone found earlier at the money pit and determines that the "X" is man-made.

In the war room Craig tells the team that the plank has been carbon dated to between and Equipment starts arriving so that Irving Equipment can begin drilling in the money pit area.

Part of the team unsuccessfully attempts to track down the "foot stone" in nearby Halifax at the building where it was displayed in the early s.

After finding nothing in that building, The Halifax Club is inspected after a rumour that the stone was embedded in the floor is presented.

At Smith's Cove the ground is scanned with ground-penetrating radar GPR with the aim of locating box drains first discovered in Lee Lamb returns to the island with her children.

She brings the " stone" discovered by her father below the surface of the beach in Smith's Cove in the s. When Irving Equipment is ready to start drilling in the money pit, the Oak Island team insist that Dan Blankenship starts the process.

Spoils are then carefully checked for artifacts and debris. At a local resort, members of the team meet with author Randall Sullivan who is researching a book he is writing called "The Curse of Oak Island".

He is invited to visit the island where he first sees the money pit and then discusses the possibility of Inca treasure being on the island with Dan Blankenship.

Members of the team return to "the hatch" to investigate further. At the money pit, the caisson reaches the depth where a wooden structure was found two years ago and wood is brought up in the spoils.

Attempts to use an air lift to recover items from the Chappell vault are unsuccessful. When the hammer-grab is used pieces of wood are recovered, one of which is the same piece from which a core sample was retrieved two years earlier.

Another hammer-grab pulls up large pieces of wood that have been cut with a circular saw, indicating the wood is not ancient. When presented to Dan Blankenship, he believes the wood is from Chappell's shaft, not the vault.

The team decides to drill in borehole C—1. They unearth a large section of chain, a copper ring and a coin. While drilling at the C-1 borehole continues, the swamp is drained and then searched with a metal detector.

When they are unable to locate targets, the team decides to rescan the swamp with a better metal detector. Gary Drayton is called in to search and finds a decking spike.

Charles Barkhouse and Randall Sullivan travel to Lunenburg to conduct genealogical research into people who have lived on Oak Island.

They view an official map that has "Kidd's Treasure" written on Oak Island and find a book that details the deathbed confession of an old sailor who said he helped bury Captain Kidd's treasure on an island.

A camera is sent down borehole C-1 but the shiny, gold coloured object is not seen. Hammer grabs are taken and bring up wood.

The team decides to further explore the void with sonar and John Chatterton agrees to make a dive in the shaft. Charles Barkhouse and Gary Drayton metal detect Lot 24, one of the lots previously owned by Samuel Ball , a former slave turned cabbage farmer who mysteriously became one of the richest men in the area.

They find a button, British coins from the s, a metal tag with a name on it, and a lead ingot used for making musket balls. In the war room, Randall Sullivan indicates that his research has lead him to believe that Francis Bacon buried the treasure and wanted it to be found by someone else.

A scanning sonar device is sent down 10—X and verifies the results of John Chatterton's dive. Some of the team are in denial and insist there is still some point in exploring 10—X further on the basis that as Dan Blankenship spent so much time on it, it must be the key to the alleged puzzle.

John Chatterton is lowered into the shaft and examines the void, confirming there appears to be a tunnel leading from the void.

Diver Mike Huntley is sent down to conduct metal detecting and further exploration and finds a metallic object. In the void at the bottom of borehole C—1, diver Mike Huntley reports multiple hits on the metal detector before he has to return to the surface.

John Chatterton makes another dive and while he gets some hits, he is unable to locate the metallic objects.

The team decides to do a new examination of borehole 10—X and drill another shaft in the money pit area.

After an airlift is used in 10—X the spoils are thoroughly checked for artifacts. Several things are found including old wood and a bone.

A temporary cofferdam, made from inflatable bladders, is laid out in Smiths Cove. However, before it is complete, one of the bladders ruptures and a new one must be procured.

Rick and Alex Lagina head to the Franklin D. At the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, it is revealed that Roosevelt believed that the lost jewels of Marie Antoinette are buried on Oak Island.

Rick Lagina and researcher Doug Cowell meet with Zena Halpern to discuss the theory that she presented earlier in the season.

A new cofferdam is laid out at Smith's Cove and the beach is excavated. Pieces of blackened wood are discovered under the beach, shortly followed by a structure.

At Dan Blankenship's home them team examine Dan's records with a view to determining the location of a new hole at the money pit.

There is some disagreement as to the location so the team allows Craig Tester to determine the location of borehole T—1.

At Smiths Cove, stones that look stacked by size are found. Dan Blankenship believes it looks like a French drain. Further digging indicates that drain continues under the cofferdam and the permit time is running out so it is decided to end digging for this year.

In the war room, treasure hunter Gary Clayton, who owns nearby Little Mash Island claims that his island is connected underwater to Oak Island.

He believes there are artifacts, including several hundred tons of gold, in chambers underneath his island although he provides no proof.

Some of the timbers are very large. An oak wedge that doesn't look like any of the other wood that has been recovered is taken from T—1 and shown to Dan Blankenship.

Samples of the wood from T—1 are dated from to and to Stonemasons examine the central stone of Nolan's Cross and then the stone at the base of the cross, which appears to have worked somehow.

Digging in T—1 ends with no more wood found. Note : This episode aired as a two-hour special. Note : This is a special episode.

Note : This is a two-hour episode. Drilling of multiple holes, a system called "Geotech", begins at the money pit, based on a grid laid out by Rick.

While drilling in one of the holes, salt water starts erupting from borehole C—1. Based on the lack of manganese and sulphur in the spike, it is consistent with being older than the s.

Historian Doug Crowell has been researching the ownership of Lot 26 before Samuel Ball purchased it and found it was owned by privateer James Anderson.

The team meets with one of his descendants who allows them to examine Anderson's sea chest.

Inside they discover proof that Anderson was a freemason. Drilling in the money pit continues. Nearby, on Lot 16, the team metal detect the Dunfield spoils pile, finding 17th century coins.

A letter arrives from the Department Of Communities, Culture And Heritage that has the potential to significantly curtail exploration on the island.

As a compromise, the government requests that an archeologist be on-site on Oak Island as an adviser to the treasure hunters.

Archaeologist Laird Niven joins the Oak Island team. The team starts metal detecting on Lot 24 where artifacts were found previously.

The bowl of a spoon, a chunk of metal, rocks that may be part of a foundation, and part of a pewter spoon are found. Based on the rocks and the spoon pieces, Marty Lagina concludes that "Something definitely happened at this spot right here.

A sudden explosion, caused by a high pressure hose blowing out of its coupling, injures the left wrist and right knee of Max Williamson, one of the drilling crew.

Paramedics arrive and transport the injured worker to hospital. Drilling is halted for over a week. Rick Lagina and Charles Barkhouse review their Geotech plan.

On Isaac's Point, a toy gun is found. Rick suggests it was probably Rick Restall's toy and then announces that Lee Lamb wishes to return to the island.

Lee arrives with her brother, Rick Restall, who has only been to the island once since his father and brother's death.

He confirms that the toy gun is his. Drilling at the money pit area resumes soon after. John Wonnacot, who developed the Geotech system, meets with the team at the money pit to discuss the drilling plan.

Chappell, son of William Chappell. They find a sworn affidavit by Frederick Blair confirming that there was "unmistakeable evidence of [the drill bit] having gone through or into gold".

The first of the new holes to be drilled is designated H—8. Laird Niven's estimation is that the pottery is from the 18th-century.

Marty, Dave and Gary start metal detecting on the boulderless beach. An 18th-century iron spike is found. While examining the H—8 spoils, Jack Begley finds another piece of pottery and a mystery piece.

Examination under a scanning electron microscope shows the mystery item to be bone. Meanwhile, Jack Begley and Dan Henskee discover a piece of leather and what appears to be a piece of parchment.

At the money pit, geophysicist Mike West begins a scan of the recently drilled shafts trying to identify anomalies. However, Rick Lagina is missing.

Marty finds that Rick has a rash and has had a headache for four days. He is diagnosed as having lyme disease and has to rest. After returning to the island, Rick informs the team that the bone fragments are human and from two different individuals.

It is decided to have the bone fragments carbon dated. Irving Equipment representatives return to the island to plan a large scale dig at H—8.

A local researcher presents a theory that Sir Francis Drake is buried on Oak Island in a vault with gold treasure. It is suggested that the lack of any records documenting Drake travelling to Canada is proof that he must have travelled to Canada.

On Lot 26, a rectangular depression is found. It is later excavated but nothing is found. The parchment found earlier is analysed and the initial assumption that it was parchment is confirmed to be correct.

The leather that was found at the same time is scanned and appears to be part of a book binding. Further testing has been carried out on the pieces of bone found earlier.

One is from a person who originated in Europe while the other is from the Middle East. Equipment starts to arrive in preparation for expanding H—8.

The bone fragments found earlier have been carbon dated, the Middle Eastern bone to between and and the European bone to between and Doug Crowell notes that Zena Halpern's map mentions the French family name "La Rochefoucauld", a family of Crusader kings and asks for help researching further.

While researching, Doug notes that Samuel de Champlain , a noted cartographer left Mahone Bay , where Oak Island and more than other islands are located, off his map for unknown reasons.

The team decides to send members to France for further investigation of the theory. While metal detecting on Lot 16, Rick, Marty, Dave and Gary discover part of a small horseshoe, several depressions in the ground, a piece of grapeshot and a coin.

Although unable to positively establish a link between the family and the Templars, it is found that the English translations on Zena Halpern's map are incorrect.

They then examine the rock on which the castle is built. After leaving the castle they travel to Domme to visit the prison where the Knights Templar were held.

There they observe a carving that is similar to an upside-down version of the Rochefoucauld family coat of arms. Another carving appears similar to the " Tree of Life ".

On the island, the team begin an examination of the Lot 24 "foundation" under the guidance of Laird Niven.

A piece of pottery is found but it is determined the foundation is too small to be part of a house. After team members have returned from France, they discuss what they had found in a war room meeting.

Wood from what the team assumes is the Chappell shaft continues to be extracted from the excavation of H—8 while no dirt is recovered.

The team meets in the war room to discuss how to proceed. In the war room, Doug Crowell presents what he believes is a transcript of an incomplete log of an unnamed ship from the Duc d'Anville Nova Scotia expedition of The Duc d'Anville's was a member of the Rochefoucauld family.

The story in the log fits very well with the Oak Island mystery. At Smith's Cove, Rick and Gary metal detect on the beach. They find a small lead cross with a square hole in it.

The design is similar to a carving that was seen at Domme Prison in France. Gary believes it dates from to The team assembles in the war room where they show the lead cross to Laird Niven.

At Smith's Cove, Rick and Gary continue metal detecting. They find a lead spoon handle and a piece of brass. In the war room, geophysicist Mike West presents the results of the scan he did earlier.

Craig announces that he will be leaving and not coming back this year. In the war room, the team talk to the expert who helped the team at Domme prison and he believes the lead cross might date to the 13th century.

Rick and Charles travel to meet Tom Nolan, Fred's son. He gives them access to Fred Nolan's survey maps of the island although they have difficulty interpreting them.

He also gives them a folding, metal skeleton key. Searching for a local dumpsite, the team digs a trench on Lot 12 near the former house of Fred Nolan.

Several pottery fragments are found in the trench. Alex and Jack meet a bookbinding expert. He verifies the parchment and leather found in H—8.

Rick and Gary visit Dan Blankenship to show him the lead cross. Drilling of shaft DMT begins in the money pit area.

The team sends a photo of the lead cross to Zena Halpern who claims it is not a cross, but the symbol of the Phoenician goddess Tanit and dates to BC.

She further makes the unsupported claim that the Knights Templar worshipped Tanit. The team drain the northern part of the swamp near Fred Nolan's house.

Rick finds an axe-cut wooden stake similar to those found by Fred Nolan. At the old dumpsite, Gary and Charles each find a decorative metal hinge while Jack finds pottery.

While the oscillator is being repaired, the hammer grab tool is obstructed. Removing the obstruction proves difficult.

Gary finds teeth from the drilling caisson in the spoils. At least 12 of the 36 teeth are found. Author Kathleen McGowan Coppens visits the island and is shown the lead cross in the war room.

She explains that when the Templars were smuggling gold, they would cover it in lead and wear it as a necklace. She believes that lead cross may have been the central piece in one of these necklaces.

On Lot 8, Marty, Rick and Gary find a decorative keyhole plate. Water is removed from borehole DMT and a camera is then sent down.

The exposed surface of the drilling obstruction at the money pit appears to be rocks and clay soil. Before further examination can be made, the borehole suddenly fills with water.

The team considers sending a diver into the borehole. Smith's Cove is excavated in the area where the cross was found. Axe-cut wood is found well below the surface and sent for testing.

Team members visit the family of Harold Bishop, who was a crane operator for Robert Dunfield in The family presents a large piece of wood found by Bishop in the money pit.

John Wonnacot joins team members in the war room where Marty and Craig inform them that the wood from Smith's Cove was dated to between and while the wood found by Harold Bishop was dated to between and The team plans a larger excavation at Smith's Cove.

Rick and Gary start metal detecting on Lot 9, where they found the decorative keyhole plate. They find a button that Gary believes is from the late s.

A brooch that contains what looks like a ruby is also found. The stone in the brooch is determined to be a — year old rhodolite garnet in a silver setting, determined by a gemologist and based on the cut of the stone.

Mike Huntley arrives to dive borehole DMT. Flocculant that was poured into the shaft to improve visibility has not worked and has created a buoyant gel at the bottom that stops Mike from reaching the bottom.

After adding dive weights, he discovers that the caisson is sitting on a very hard surface that appears to be a steel plate.

Another diver is sent down and he finds that the obstruction is granite. Drilling is ended for this season.

In the war room, the year's finds have been laid out on the table where they are discussed by the team.

Marty, Rick and Dave take both brooches to a gemologist. He confirms that the gem in the brooch found last season is a garnet while the "gem" in the recently found brooch is leaded glass.

However, its setting is made using a technique that dates the brooch back to the 14th century and when imaged by a scanning electron microscope, gold is identified.

Eagle Canada finishes its seismic scan of the money pit. Irving Equipment arrives to prepare for construction of the Smith's Cove coffer dam.

Construction of the Smith's Cove coffer dam begins. Marty, Rick, Craig, Dave and Charles travel to the headquarters of Eagle Canada in Calgary to receive results of the seismic scan, which reveal the existence of a mysterious underground chamber and other anomalies.

They find an old, square metal spike, a hook and the remains of a crossbow bolt. Choice Drilling arrives on the island to commence taking cores using sonic drilling.

The first drilling location is designated DE6. In the war room the team examine the crossbow bolt. Later, an antiquities expert claims that the bolt is actually from a Roman pilum.

Drilling is moved to another location. Ten feet down from that, axe-cut wood is recovered. In the war room, Rick lets everyone know that Zena Halpern has died.

Rick and Peter travel to New York to collect all of her research, which she has bequeathed to Rick.

In the war room, Rick discusses Zena's research and proposes that a research centre be established. Irving Equipment has arranged for the temporary donation of a prefabricated homes as a research centre.

Zena Halpern's son, Davin, visits the island to see the centre and brings a gift. Jack, Peter and Gary return to Lot 21, where a brooch was recently found.

Part of a cap badge is found, shortly before the other part is found. Coring continues at a different site in the money pit.

The team speaks with Tobias Skowronek, a geochemist at the German Mining Museum , who tells them that if they can send him the isotope data for the lead cross, he may be able to determine where and when the lead was mined.

Choice Drilling starts coring northeast of the money pit in an area called the "mega-bin". At Rick and the team take Dan Blankenship to Smith's Cove to show him the coffer dam.

In the war room, the team meets with Judi Rudebusch, who worked with Zena Halpern for 10 years before her death. Gretchen explains their theory that the money pit is of Templar origin and that Nolan's Cross is a Templar signpost and mathematically identifies the location of the treasure.

Note : This is a special, two-hour episode. Pottery is found in the Smith's Cove spoils while the team attempts to find the U-shaped structure that was unearthed by Dan Blankenship in They find a hand-forged iron spike and what appears to be a gold coin.

Later, a wooden structure with Roman numerals engraved into it is uncovered. Laird and other members of the team discuss how to bring out the inscription of the "foot stone" that was recovered from a basement in Halifax.

The archeological examination at Lot 24 begins. Laird finds pottery and a clay pipe stem. Marty theorizes that it may be the work of Samuel Ball, who previously owned the lot.

Excavation of the U-shaped structure in Smith's Cove continues. It appears to have been intentionally waterproofed with packed blue clay.

Jack theorizes that it may have been a form of coffer dam. Rotated degrees the "N" becomes an "A". While metal detecting on the uninhabited island, they find potential ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

In Smith's Cove, a wooden wall is uncovered. Team members travel to the Lordly House in Chester to examine the collection of Oak Island documents kept there.

They find a description of the finger drains from At the money pit, Tory Martin, a gyro survey expert, starts determining how straight the boreholes are so the team can get accurate locations for artifacts they have recovered.

In Smith's Cove, what may be one of the finger drains, is unearthed. While Laird is excavating the finger drain, Charles discovers a large amount of coconut fibre.

During subsequent investigation, another structure is found. Rocks in the area all seem to be of the same size, which is unusual.

Tory Martin finds a carved stone near the money pit. Excavation of the latest structure at Smith's Cove continues, with the belief that it may be the L-shaped structure found by Dan Blankenship.

Gary finds a lead bracelet near where he found the lead cross. Another structure that may be a slipway that Gilbert Hedden found is uncovered.

In the war room, the team examines the stone found by Tory Martin. They theorize that the carvings may be a runic inscription, left by Vikings.

Still looking for the shaft 6 tunnel, the team decides to resume the treasure hunt in H—8. Irving Equipment is also present.

Debris continues to be removed from the H—8 shaft, which Marty believes is in the money pit. A right-angle corner is seen on the sonar returns.

Video, sonar and comms is lost so the ROV is recovered. When it is found to be flooded, operations are suspended. As work continues to excavate the slipway in Smith's Cove, Gary finds a wrought iron object.

In the war room, the team talks with Runology expert Lilla Kopar about the recently discovered stone.

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